Here is a collection of various mixes I have done over the years. To best describe the sound – i go from deep house, melodic techno and a splash of electro.

I am starting to upload all of my mixes to Mixcloud. It is way more efficient and it auto populates the tracks in the mix woohoo ! save me a few hours of my life 😉

Here is my Mixcloud page with even more mixes ! https://www.mixcloud.com/ninaflower77/

I am also starting to post my mixes up on youtube. Search: Sara Scruton

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Mix Title: Day Lab

Click here to play or download Day Lab

Track List

  • Do Better (Spiritchaser Remix) The Layabouts, Portia Monique – Aki Bergen and Spirit Chaser
  • Rocker (Spirit Chaser Remix) – Erin Leah, N’dinga Gaba- Quantize Recordings
  • Let Me Live (Spiritchaser Remix) – DJ Dealer, RaShaan Houston
  • Eclipse (Spiritchaser Remix) Antidote – Cosmic Carnival
  • Into My Soul (Spiritchaser Remix) Aki Bergen, Carmen Sherry (Into my Soul Rocco and Spirit Chaser remix)
  • First African American in Space (Original) – Ross Couch – Body Rhythm Records
  • You Got me Singing (Spiritchaser Remix) – Groove Cartell, Samantha Mogew
  • Hot Rabbits (Spirit Chaser Remix) – Giom – The Remixes 2000-2015
  • Deep in Detroit – Ross Couch – Travel By Sound EP
  • 24 Hours (Spiritchaser Remix) – Chris B, Janine Small The Remixes 2000-15
  • Liquid Phonk – Heart & Soul (Compost Black Label #98)
  • Afternoon Tribute (Original Mix) – Vernon – Belgian Autumn Sampler
  • Lose Control feat. Lisa Shaw (Original Mix) – Miguel Migs- OM Records
  • Mix Title: Deep – Recorded 2015


    Click here to play or download Deep

    Track List

  • Motor City Soul – Deliver Me (Incl. Kruse & Nuernberg Remix)
  • Ross Couch – Last One Home (Spirit Chaser Remix)
  • Backup (Greg Parker Remix) – Tojami Sessions
  • Lisa Shaw (Forteba) Magic
  • Evren Furtuna – My Miracle Baby (Original Mix)
  • Deep Blue Chair (Forteba Remix) Mike Olson
  • Ross Couch – Stars (Original Mix)
  • Ross Couch – Lovebytes – Up All Night EP
  • El Nino – Tojami Sessions
  • Ramus Faber Ft. Belinda – Good Times Come Back (Ross Couch Remix)
  • Robert Babicz – Astor (Shur-i-Kan Remix)
  • Face The Pressure – (Original Mix) Ross Couch
  • Sittin On Da Grove (Johannes Moses Remix ) – Drehwerk
  • John Doe (Original Mix) Detroit Swindle
  • Over Me frat. Amy Lyon (Detroit Swindle Remix)
  • More & More feat. Nathalie Claude – Kruse & Nuernberg
  • Toi Et Moi (Original Mix) Joss Moog
  • ?Tojami Sessions
  • Tears Dry On Their Own – Soul Funky Remix
  • ?
  • Liquod Phonk – – Heart & Soul (Compost Black Label #98)

  • These mixes below are all done with vinyl

    Mix Title:HOUSE LOVE – Recorded August 2006

    Click here to play or download House Love

  • Galaxy to Galaxy/Uplifted/UR
  • Johnny Fiasco/Ready when you are/Ultrasound Recordings
  • Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis/Inspiration/Soul Heaven,Comp 1
  • Los Hermanos/Olmar My Bro/Submerge
  • DJ Motion/Thick Black Kiss/Ultra Sound
  • Kerri Chandler/Rain/Soul Heaven,Comp 1
  • Tube/Crash/Play Records
  • John Anderson & Johan Emoth/Laid Punch up/Syam Music
  • John Arnold/Neighborhood Science,Get Yourself Together/Ubiquity
  • Knee Deep Feat. Sherlene Hector/Soul Heaven,Comp 1
  • Lisa Shaw/Cherry/Naked Music
  • Fortunate/White Label
  • Blaze/Lovelee Dae/Playhouse
  • Assapeal/Hook up Tunes
  • Tek Brothers/Dance and B Free
  • Lidell Townsell/Nu Nu/Mercury
  • Mix Title: STEP OUT – Recorded September/2007

    Click “Step Out”

    Track List

  • Alphawezen – Electricity Drive – Timewriter’s Timestyled Redrive
  • Dub Taylor-Ground Light
  • The Timewriter-Dr. Goodtime
  • Forteba-Something New
  • Chris Micali-Feel For you -Timewriter remix
  • Jimpster- A Love Like This
  • DJ Funky Chocolate – I Go Deep
  • Galaxy to Galaxy – Retrun of the dragons – UR
  • Mr De’ Song for Sydney – Submerge
  • James Talk – Warm Milk – Dave Robertson & Jon Guard Remix
  • Spirit Catcher – Voodoo Knight
  • Arthur Oskan track
  • The Plan – Red Shift – Submerge
  • Infinti -Game One -SubmergeMix Title:STUCK BUFFER – Recorded January 2004

    Click “Stuck Buffer”


    Track List/ Stuck buffer/01/04

  • Smyglyssna Plug research / Rekonstruktion
  • Akufen/Architexture/K7
  • Swayzak vs. Theorem/Theorem mix/ swz11
  • Stewart walker vs. Theorem/Two distant images/minus
  • Dimbiman/The Vibration of “V”
  • Baby Ford/Feel Sensual/Perlon
  • Robert Hood/One touch Museum/Axis
  • Robert Hood/One touch Museum/Axis
  • Funk D’void/Jack me Off/ Soma
  • Lil Louis/French Kiss/React
  • Question/5th
  • Dub tech sound system/sideshow bob/Intrinsic
  • Sound Factory/Understand this groove/Logic
  • The Fog/ Been a long time/Pukka
  • ADNY/Sveck/We are Sveck
  • Dopplereffekt/Scientist/Gigolo
  • Dopplereffekt/Sterilization/Dataphysix
  • Juan Atkins/Technicolor/Metroplex
  • Elecktroids/Midnight drive/X mix


    Mix Title: SHORT STOP – Recorded April 2007

    Click “Shortstop”

    Track List

  • Swayzak/ Make up your mind/ Dirty Dancing EP
  • Blackworm
  • Nummer/ someone else/Kompakt
  • Gwen Stefani/What You Waiting For?/Universal
  • Loco Dice/ Seeing Through Shadows/ Minus
  • Florian Meindel/ Don’t Flue the Birds/ Elekronische Music
  • Dub Taylor/ Ground Light/Forms & Figures
  • Dub Taylor/Figure Two Edit/ Forms & Figures
  • Rhythm & Sound/ Free For All (Soundstream remix)/Basic Channel
  • Los Hermanos
  • Nikola Gala/ Rub It/Escada Music
  • Isolee / Cardiology/Recloose
  • Arthur Oskan
  • Dj Snowflake/ Sex on the BeachSubmission 2001Part 1

    Part 2

    Submission pt.1Pt.2

    Track List/ Submission

  • lo soul feat. Malt./ lies (watch your lift) accapella/ Playhouse
  • concelled project/ Second coming/ Code Red 09
  • Dub Taylor/ Can’t fall in love with another one/ Force Tracks
  • Stewart walker vs. Theorem/Two distant images/minus
  • Stewart Walker vs. Swayzak/Interstate/ Minus
  • After the Rain/ Sunday Brunch/ Sveck
  • Lady vipb/ you gave away my everything/ Nuphonic 06
  • Dimbiman/dR. Dolly’s Gum/ Perlon
  • Dan Curtin/Pregenesis – Recloose –Space Man/ Elypsia
  • Minimalisterna/Miami Swamps/ Distance
  • Technasia/Evergreen
  • John Tejada/tinebomb/ Seventh City Records
  • Innerzone orchestra/Kenny Dixon jr. remix/ Planet E
  • St. Germain/ Deep in it/ F Communications
  • Dopplereffekt/ Porno Star/ Datapsyhix
  • Basic Channel
  • Love and Rockets/ So Alive
  • Studio One
  • Lo soul/ Lies/Playhouse
  • Mix Title: On Bated Breath – Recorded 200?

    Click “On Bated Breath”


  • Elektra/ Dee-Lite/ Goodbeat
  • Plus 8/ Plastikman/ Freak
  • Guidance/ Cyriletienne/ djdeep
  • Sveck/ A.D.N.Y & Vinenzo/ Skinflick Funk
  • Philpot/Motorsoul Vol. 1/Nik
  • Raum..Musik, Kompakt/ Chavdronet/Ledge
  • Studio 1/ Silver Label
  • RCA/ Eurythmics/ Love is a Stranger
  • Graphlpol/ Herbert ñ Around the House/ Close to me
  • Detour/ Chris Carrier/ Toka Long Chicken
  • Perlon, Perl 4/ Ark & Cabanne/ Hip Hop
  • Mood n Groovin/ John Consemolder feat. Lex express/ I wonder
  • Guidance/ Dana Kelly ñ Callisto/ Ambent II
  • Plastic City/ Timewriter ñ Diary of a Lonely Sailor/ Life is just a timeless motion
  • Mosaic/ Steve OíSullivan/ Breezer Dub
  • Mix Mode/ Tony Foster/ The After Party
  • Nordic Trax/ John Delerious/ No warning ñ Circle
  • Play House/ Famous when dead vol. 2/ Moran, Brad, Azeen/Spirit in your soul
  • Schatrax/ Cat Schatlpg 001
  • Warner Bros/ Kraftwek/ Sex Object
  • Gigolo 63/ Heinrich Muller ñ Derzyklus II/ Formenverwander


    Mix Title: Scrap Book – Recorded 2003

    Part 1

    Click “Part 1″

    Part 2

    Click “Part 2″

    Scrap Book 11/03 Track List

  • Herbert/ Second hand sounds bonnie & clyde/, Peace Frog
  • Steve Bug & Acid Maria/ Kidnapped/Raw elements
  • Soul Capsul/Forever Love/aspect music
  • Herbert/Suddenly/Second hand sounds, Peace frog
  • Dub Taylor/John wayne/force tracks
  • Shadow Life/silence is his name/visage 01
  • Savvas Ysatis/Marís Bar/ Tresor 2000
  • Cherry Bomb/Mavho/Music Man
  • G flame & Mr. G/Take a chance/metal box
  • Peter Hecher/ Electric/ Nordic Trax
  • John Delerious/ Way out/ Nordic Trax
  • Salt City Orchestra/Better day dub/pagan
  • Reflex/Politics are dancing/ Capitol
  • Herbert/ The audience/ K7
  • Callisto/Junkle II/Guidance
  • Time Rider/Power to the people/Plastic city
  • Ronin/ More of you/Primary Recordings
  • Herbert/ We still have the music
  • Funk delix/liquid sky/tonika
  • Herbert/never give up/Graphlp 01
  • funk delix/Ganja mist
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