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April 29th, 2016

I have been getting bored of the internet. I get lost in all the posts and articles and then hours have gone by. I wrote a witty comment about Prince I think to myself, and I wonder how many likes I will get to justify to myself that my comment is in fact witty. I think my time should be spent in more productive ways. I have time so much time. I don’t want kids, and I am accepting that forever alone can be quite satisfying as long as I stop reading all the posts, and all the internets, and the dating sites, those are the worst, and the best way to feel even more jaded about life.

I was going to do research about how to do a good blog post, but then I was getting lost in the blog posts about doing blog posts, so I am just going to start here.

My idea is to do a review of tracks I am really digging and link the tracks to youtube and stores. So nothing really new here, a Top 5 or 10 of music I am enjoying and I hope you will enjoy too.

Leon Vynehall – Rojus – Running Back Records

This track has some serious synth strings and soul. It is slow to build and it’s hard to tell where it might go. Could it be techno ? or could it be house ? and then the bass drum kicks in and the keys come in and the track still develops – you have to wait for it.. wait for the drop ! around 2:00 it’s time to get down. I purchased a few more tracks from the album, but this one is the gem. My only complaint is the mp3 quality, the sounds a bit compressed, but other than that, this track is solid.

I always support artists, so if you would like to buy this track you can go here:
Click to View/Purchase on Traxsource

Soul Minority, Nathalie Claude – Always There (Khenzo lee L2M Dub)

I pretend I am a jazz singer when I am in the shower,and the woman singing in this track is how I like to think I sound, but reality sings a much different song. Ok green break. Doing reviews stoned is always more fun. No weed left so I munched a gummy, so it might take a few minutes to kick in, and in the mean time I will listen to this beautiful track again. I have been waking up with this lovely, uplifting song in my head, and it’s a very nice song to wake up too. I don’t really know what she is saying, lyrics about love and leaving or something.. but it does not matter it gives a Bjork/Billie Holiday sound. You can sing along with your own version of the lyrics and pause and enjoy her unique voice. This is a really nice tech vocal-house track. I am in love with this track right now.

To listen/view or purchase this song please click here: Soul Minority – Kolour Recordings

Patience (Original Mix) – ‪Dave Pad‬‬ Label: Plastic City

Smooth grooves for a sunny afternoon. This track is another track about love but sweet subtle love – love that feels like it’s in a good place. “Our love is so sweet, the love is no bother” I think that’s what he is saying or maybe what I hear and enjoy the idea of. The lyrics are minimal, small samples of a soothing voice on top of a deep jacking beat. Plastic City still delivers with consistent quality tracks.
This is a feel good track and is sexy.

To listen/view or purchase this song please click here: David Pad – Plastic City

Ross Couch – Burning Up (Original Mix) Body Rhythm

Oh yes what would a review be without one of my favouirite Glasweigin producers, Ross Couch. I was just reading the comments on Youtube and this one stood out: “Nice but..boy..tough.. and deep..“. Not quite sure what that means exactly but i think it is a good description of the track. Ross delivers his signature melodic synth hooks in this track. The beat is punchy but funky.
Ross’s production are very formulaic which makes his tracks very dj friendly and fun !I love Ross Couch!

To listen/view or purchase this song, please click here: Ross Couch – Burning Up

Dave DK – Home Again Feat. Heiko Voss/ Original Mix [Kompakt]

I think this is Vocal Techno, well I like to think that is what it could be considered. It reminds me of when techno was good, and it reminds me of the 80’s. A serious 80’s synth band with bad hair, but they “got it”, they understood the dark underworld of synthesizer. The track is deep and moody and even has a drum build up.. but wait ! don’t let that deter you, it is done tastefully, and not in the typical edm “I am rushing, I am rushing” and cum is going to shoot of my head kind of build-up. Yeah, so that was not tasteful, but this track is very tasty.

To listen or purchase this track please click here: Dave Dk – Kompakt


November 26th, 2009

So for those of you who might know me, know my love of infiltrating vacant buildings.
I own the domain namewww.packardplant.comI have it redirecting to a website of some serious infiltrators from the city of Detroit. update : It no longer redirects…but if you have any ideas, please send them my way :)

Today I was surfing and found this erie website with pictures from a whole city left abandoned near Chernobyl. The city of Prypiat. An entire city built to house the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant workers, and was abandoned in 1986 following the Chernobyl disaster. Its population had been around 50,000 before the accident.
After the disaster, the city of Pripyat was evacuated in two days.

I found this website with some amazing photo’s of the state that the city is in now:
Chernobyl Today

I encourage you take a look the photos are amazing !!
Here are a few of my favourites:

September 14th 2009

Sitting on a train to Basel Switzerland from Paris. Paris was sooo nice !! but some how whenever i am over here memories of London echo in my mind. Maybe it is because I don’t speak the language in France so I think it is hard to truly get the full experience… but i am sooo glad i got to see Paris!!! Sitting on patios drinking wine and good food enjoying good people and new people :)
I must admit i am tired 2 nights in a row of staying out until 6am will take it’s toll.
The Rex club did not impress me. The music was good but it seemed like any other typical techno bar,it could have been in Toronto and it would have been the same.. only the music was good all night at the Rex.
The club i really enjoyed was Showcase wow !!! a club built under a bridge, that was a treat !! Mind you when 5am rolled around an i was waiting for my friend…. *edited* Still the attention was nice, too bad i was not really interested.
So now off to Basel Switzerland, and in the morning we will take another train to the border of Italy. This should be relaxing – and perhaps then memories of Paris will begin to echo in my mind.

I made a very big choice while i was in Paris. While i was at the Rex club watching the djs perform it reminded me of how much i miss it and how much i want to be back up there. It also reminded me of the new challenges i will have. I do not want to be up there just as a DJ but as an artist and quality.
I started to resent a situation i was in that might hold me back from what i think need to give my 100% to but at the same time conflicted thinking working on the other project can really benefit what i want to do as a musician. When it came down to it, it was to much of a conflict of interest and with time being so limited i have decided i have to put all my free time into one project and that one project will focus on me 100% which i think may be the best thing for me. We will see… maybe i just passed up an amazing opportunity and i am a fool for it… but i also feel if i don’t try and give this music thing ago again that it will be something i will regret – more so than the other project.
Anyhow the end of my ramblings for the day !

September 11th 2009

Not to sure how many people read this… or where i am going with this… so I am in Paris France.. I must say it is hard to feel like I have had a good nights sleep since I arrived over here… which would have been last Friday.
London was great !! I was happy to touch base with old friends.. and also a bit confused about seeing someone there that has left me a bit confused about things within myself.. but that is all to personal to share on a blog 😉

Paris is very Beautiful ! I feel very comfortable here. I do feel a bit lost.. as the saying goes… does not matter wherever you are your situation, or how you feel does not change. I have to figure it out from within me.

August 5th 2009

I guess this is the day I will start to write my blog page. It is a full moon tonight !
It is hard to know what to exactly write when it comes to a personal blog, as you never want to get to personal on the internet. You never know if it could come back and haunt you.

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