Been a while, what else is new !

Hello to anyone that finds my webpage that I am horrible at doing anything with.

I have a few days left from a break from school, and then I am back at it: Full time work, three law course a week, and going to a personal trainer twice a week.. oh and I will be back on doing my radio show on Sundays from 5-7p.m. EST.  How do I do it all you ask ? Hrmm good question, I won’t lie I do get burnt out, and I have no life while I am in school, but I am one of those people that likes to keep busy. If i am not learning something new or occupying my time, I feel like i am just wasting time here.

I decided to take a Paralegal program in college, and I have one more year left ! It has been a big challenge for me, and sometimes I question why i am taking it.. I sometimes think to myself, but I am an artist !  or sometimes I feel like finally in my 30’s I am doing something very practical and it will help me with my day job/career and constant stability and perhaps carry over into the music industry too.  I still have my pipe drams about being an artist and that is it, but the reality is 1. I live in Canada, 2. doing well with music is like winning the lottery, and 3. I do not want to be 40 and living like i am 21. :)  The personal training should be interesting, my knee is screwed up because i am not working out properly and well i don’t want to get fat (sorry i know that is rude) but I don’t.

So i hoped on my decks again after about 3 months of going through some rough times and not touching them at all. I made this mix on the fly. Lots of vocals ! and when listening back to it, It feels like i picked the tracks for a reason, the songs sang to me, what i was and have been going through.. ohh here comes the dramatic artist now ! 😉


My new mix – Enjoy !  Music Therapy Mix – August 2013