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I recorded this podcast, Round & Round during the London Riots; I have always felt a real connection to London England and it made me feel very distraught to see what was going on but it feels like things are just going in circles. The rich gets richer and the poor stays poor. Violence is never the answer but I can understand the frustration people must feel, too much repression. It sounds corny but in such a messed up world I feel house music is a little light of positivity burning brightly, a light that you can escape to, dance to and feel good.
london eye

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Track List

  • L.O.V.E. – Motor City Drum Ensemble
  • Leave It to Me – Danke
  • My City (Alexkid Remix) Alland Byallo
  • A Feeling – Mel Rosario
  • Don’t Forget The Drummer – Aki Bergen
  • Deep or What – (Milton Jackson remix) Matt Masters
  • You Re Alive – Lukas Greenberg Feat. Nica Brooke
  • Sun – Tojami Sessions
  • Erotic Soul – George Feat. The Writers Poet
  • Dr. Goodtime – The Timewriter
  • I Go Deep – DJ Funky Chocolate
  • Jazzy Stuff – Neuroyde, Doomwork
  • The Movement – Mel Rosario
  • Got A Hold On Your Soul – Jimpster
  • Everyday (In A Deep Session with Timewriter) Terry Lee Brown Jr.
  • Dance Me To The End of Love – (Thomas Schumacher remix) Misstress Barbara