Minimal Mix

Here is a mix I made back in the summer July 09 I think. I needed to send out a more minimal mix for promoters over in Europe

Testing out the Sound Cloud embedding stuff.. so many options these days !!

Minimal mix July 22/09 by ninaflower
Track List

Critics – Positronix – Submerge
To High – Chris Carrier
Nugget (Minus) Ambivalent
John Tejada – unknown
Bredow – Ricardo Villalobos – Perlon
There’s More to life then this – Bjork-Debut
Ghetto Alert – Hector Moralez & Chris Carrier -Robsoul
Free for All – Rhythm & Sound – See Mi Yah Remixes
Better day dub – Salt City Orchestra remix – Pagan
Red Aglet – Makcinm, Managemend
Herbert – On my own?
Neverdorf – Martin Beume, Pawas
Life Styles of the lap top cafe -Moonlight Rendezvous – Warp
Repair – ?
White Label
Depeche Mode – Policy Truth