Djing live @

Hey y’all Winter has finally arrived for a weekend here in Toronto. Temps down to -30c, but I will be heating it up on the decks this week (so cheesy lol). I will be djing live with video on on Wednesday February 17th @ 8PM EST Share on Facebook

New Year= New Posts ?

My friend did a nice update of my site for me yay ! so now I need to try and get back into the habit of adding mixes etc to my website, but I must say it almost seems pointless or maybe just overwhelming when there is so many platforms out there now ! O.k[…]

New Podcast

Here is my most recent podcast recorded live on I recorded this podcast, Round & Round during the London Riots; I have always felt a real connection to London England and it made me feel very distraught to see what was going on but it feels like things are just going in circles. The[…]

April 2011

I always say to myself I should be more active on my webpage but i am never to sure what to write or what to update it with. Finding inspiration can be tricky. I have been working on music production lately and it’s very time consuming, I would like to perhaps work on a mix[…]

Minimal Mix

Here is a mix I made back in the summer July 09 I think. I needed to send out a more minimal mix for promoters over in Europe Testing out the Sound Cloud embedding stuff.. so many options these days !! Minimal mix July 22/09 by ninaflower Track List Critics – Positronix – Submerge To[…]

Default title

Happy Summer 1.5 months until I am in Europe to hang out for a bit. I have been working on new mixes ! 401 Drive mix includes some of my own productions. I used Reason 4.0 to produce the tracks along with Recycle and Wave Lab. Next week I start Ableton classes.. so hopefully it[…]